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Founded in 2003, QKE INC is an international trading enterprise.  Under QKE INC, there are several subsidiary companies: Quanzhou Kingland Equipment Co.,Ltd,Quanzhou ZhongSheng Technology Development Co.,Ltd,Quanzhou Zhongrui Machinery Co., Ltd,and QKE USA.  The company specializes in import and export by introducing, distributing, and selling world famous products.  At the same time, based on abundant experiences and well known reputation, QKE INC has been collaborating with many domestic manufacturers by exporting Chinese made oil and natural gas related quality products worldwide.  QKE INC is registered as a copyrighted trademark.

 The mission of QKE INC is to become one of the best suppliers of export and import.  Meanwhile, it intends to become one of the world’s most well recognized enterprises.  The managed products cover machinery parts for many industries such as engine and motion, construction, mining, non-road vehicles, natural gas compressors, and meters.  With convenient locations and QKE INC USA’s support, parts are directly supplied by European and American manufacturers to ensure reliable quality for larger customers. 

 QKE INC offers not only the highest quality products but also services to its customers.  This includes timely and low price quoting as well as prompt delivery of the products. 


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